A guide to extension costs - part 2, building planning and regs

How much will your extension cost? Part 2 looks at the costs associated with the planning application.

Planning permission, in simple terms, is asking the local authority if you can do a certain piece of building work. Most planning applications are decided within eight weeks, unless they are unusually large or complex, in which case the time limit is extended to 13 weeks. After that time your application for permission will be granted (possibly subject to certain conditions) or refused.

Building regulations set standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the safety and health for people in or about those buildings. They also include requirements to ensure that fuel and power is conserved and facilities are provided for people, including those with disabilities, to access and move around inside buildings.

Planning application fee - £210

Building Regs plan checking fee - approx £350

Building reg inspection fee - approx £550

Total fees for councils will be in the region of £1,110