A guide to extension costs - Part 5

Writing this series, looking at how much a new extension will cost, has been interesting because it gave a good insight at how complex it is from a homeowners point of view.

When you are thinking about an extension and have not explored the possible costs you don't know whether it will be £20,000 or £50,000 which makes it very difficult to know what to do next.

We have come up with a guide for you at £1,700 per square metre including the base work.

This will allow you to get a rough idea. If you are looking at an extension that is 5m by 5m you have 25 square metres, times that by £1,700 and the figure is £42,500 (£51,000 with VAT) for building. Add on architects fees of c £2,750, planning at £1,110 and an allowance of £650 for engineers (£780 with VAT) and you have a guide price of £55,640.

I hope that helps.