Do you move or improve?

Have you reached that point where you are asking yourself whether you will be better off improving your home rather than moving.

It's not the cost of the new property that is making people wonder what the best option is - it's the cost of all the services that you get when moving home.

For example if you are selling a house for £310,000 and are buying one for £365,000 the extra cost is £55,000 for the house and £15,688 for the fees - a total cost of £70,688. The cost of the services are often seen as "lost" money in the value of the assets.

If you are looking at extending your present property you would be able to invest £70,000 in your home. In most cases this should increase the value of your home by considerably more than the cost of the project.

You will have the costs for architects and planning but that is considerably less than you are likely to have to pay the government for stamp duty!

There are a number of TV programmes that have been produced which demonstrate how you can get all the space and changes you need by getting builders in to make the changes.

If you are looking to improve rather than move home please give us a call for a quotation.