Green homes deal for an extension?

The government have certainly created a flood of questions about their new "Green Homes Deal". In an announcement on the 8th July they put £2,000,000,000 in a pot for home owners to make their home more energy efficient.

Most home owners will qualify for £5,000, if they spend £2,500 themselves (A third of the total costs). Lower income families will qualify for £10,000 without having to spend anything.

The questions buzzing around the industry relates to what is covered - the answer is "we don't really know!"

We are awaiting details from the government, but it looks as though the scheme may cover:

  • Loft insulation

  • Wall insulation

  • Underfloor insulation

  • Double and triple glazing

So if you are planning an extension can you use this grant towards the changes?

Initial "whispers" are that the answer will be no. However there is a belief that if you are having a loft conversion, you may be covered for the remainder of the loft whilst the work is being undertaken.

Although nothing is confirmed there is also a suggestion that you will need to undertake the larger insulation activities such as loft insulation, wall insulation and floor insulation as a primary upgrade before you qualify for windows and doors.

The worse part about drip feeding policies like this is the unknown - there is one certainty, when the details are released there will be a wave of enquiries with people needing quotes for work - which they will need to get the grant.

If you are planning a project it may be worth getting in touch now allowing yourself to get closer to the front of the queue!