Is your home ready for winter?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

You don't need to be a builder to help protect your home this winter. Here are some simple maintenance tasks that can improve your comfort and help prevent damage to your home.

1. Clear your gutters of leaves. Gutters that leak can be annoying and unsightly but the real problem is that they are a source of damp for you home.

2. Check your roof tiles, another source of water penetration, a single cracked tile can lead to damp problems.

3. If you have a chimney get it swept. Too many people leave their chimneys for years without maintenance risking fire damage. A good clean chimney is also better for keeping fires alight and more effective.

4. Check your pipes for lagging. Modern lagging is really easy to apply and super effective, protecting you against heat lost, improving your homes efficiency.

5. Inspect your loft insulation, the cheapest and most effective way to prevent heat loss.

6. Get your heating system serviced, in the long run regular servicing keeps your equipment running longer and with better efficiency.

7. Check for draughts, people with older homes will understand this - time to get the draughtexcluder in position!

8. Check your outdoor lighting, are the seals tight and equipment clean?

9. Protect your outdoor furniture. There are a number of suppliers online with really good prices, well worth getting some covers.

10. Stock up on your gas, oil, wood and/or coal. With the supply and demand trading cycle the prices will edge up as the demand increases.