"New build" home - are you looking for a builder?

If you have plans to build your own home, or have a plot and are looking for a builder to undertake the construction work, you will must look for a builder that has the required experience.

People in this position understand the investment, both financially and emotionally. At Timberwolf Construction we have a skilled team of professionals that will give you peace of mind.

Building projects start with architects who have to create drawings for you. At Timberwolf Construction we work with a team of architects and can put them in touch with you.

Once you have plans then you will need to submit them to the local council with a planning application. Most extensions, new builds and conversions need planning consent.

Undertaking the work without this could create huge problems for you when you come to sell a property. Retrospective consent is expensive and it is difficult to prove that the work was undertaken in a manner that passes building control. You could end up having to rebuild!

We can help you through this process making sure all the work is checked and undertaken correctly. Most significant building work also requires the services of a structural engineer. Their role is to determine the materials required to make sure your project has the required structural integrity.

Onsite you will require a variety of trades including ground workers, brick layers, plasterers, roofers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and for some projects gardeners.

Co-ordinating all the trades and making sure the right people turn up on the right day, and all the equipment and materials are available is what your builder should do. It is one of the biggest challenges because in the construction world some jobs take less time than you plan and some take more!

When you get us to help this is something you can leave in our hands.

Contact us if you would like a chat about you building project.