New Kitchen Extensions

Where the kitchen was once a place in the home for cooking, a hive of activity for creating family meals and little else it has become the centre of modern living.

Modern kitchen extensions look to provide open living spaces where the cook of the house is still able to integrate with family activity rather then face the isolated frustration of a person with their apron strings tied to the oven!

The first development was the serving hatch, put to good use by Margo in "the Good Life". The move to make the space more practical saw kitchen breakfast bars built in to fitted kitchens. Then we saw the kitchen diner, and now a total living space is a popular development.

At Timberwolf Construction we can undertake all the work for you. Extending the property out, removing existing walls creating the idea space.

Electrical work, plumbing work, flooring and fitting the kitchen so you have the perfect new family extension.

Contact us to discuss your extension plans.